Installing NVIDIA Driver for Linux

After searching from ton of my file finally i find it (^ ^”)
Lucky for me not to search all day for this one

first of all i will explain what is my computer specification ^ ^
Here it is :
Machine : Acer Aspire 4530
CPU : AMD Turion X2 64
OS : Linux Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop
NVIDIA Driver :

actually in Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop already had NVIDIA Driver. but it don’t had full support for NVIDIA Graphic card (for example : try to open moovida media center or use custom compiz setting you will know what i mean). in this post i will only explain one of lot solution out there and this work “SOO GOOOOD” for my machine.
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Linux NVIDIA Driver Installation

Thanks a lot for everyone that had visited my blog . . . . . ^ ^

Next post will be step-by-step installing NVIDIA driver for linux
Main reason i write this post is because when i try to find how to install NVIDIA Driver, i nearly can’t find one that can be used for my notebook, so i decide next post will be “INSTALLING NVIDIA DRIVER” ^ ^

But, i’m so sorry because i can’t do it now because i need to find my reference for doing that
. . . . . T_T . . . .
maybe you need to wait a day to be able to read this

when i post step-by-step of this problem, i will also make link here