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in this post i will introduce myself. first, my full name is “Muhammad Irwan Yanwari” but my friend call me “Irwan” and some of my friend call me “Yan”. if you see tittle of this blog maybe you can guess where i live. if in your mind is “banjarbaru” then it’s correct. banjarbaru is a city in south kalimantan and this banjarbaru located in indonesia…… well it will be boring if you read a long paragraph so, i will make it simple.
you can see information about me bellow of this paragraph :

Full Name : Muhammad Irwan Yanwari
Nickname : Irwan , Yan
YM : irwan_fti
Email : irwan.yanwari@hotmail.com

maybe that’s all information i can give to you
thanks for visiting my blog
see you again next time (^ ^)

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