SDL Engine For Linux Using Code::Block 10.05

haha…. here its come something interesting (^^). recently i played with SDL in Windows OS. but, this not what i called interesting, the one i called interesting is “how to do it in linux”, i tried to search about this, many of them made me confused. but, finally, i found 1 that i can understand (^^ )V
before we start to installing SDL maybe i need to explain what is SDL

Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is a cross-platform, free and open source multimedia library written in C that presents a simple interface to various platforms’ graphics, sound, and input devices.
Some developer use SDL to creating a game. if you want to know what kind of game that you can make in SDL i suggest you to visit this.
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Installing .bin File

1 article again for today, for this one, it will be very simple to implement in your linux os (^^ ).
our main problem here is how to install .bin file, well normally you use .deb file or apt-get to install an application. in .bin file there only 1 problem you need to solve, it’s “execute” command.
if you had this problem you just need to type :
$ sudo chmod +x filename.bin
then your file will be ready to execute. to do that you only need to type :
$ ./[filename].bin

simple and easy, right? i guest thats all for today.
See you Again (^^ )V

Tuxcut Installation

Well, well . . . . how to say this, nee (-_-” ). I guest this article also not very interesting, but, i think i need to post this one.
this time i will try to explain how to install tuxcut but before that i think i need to explain what tuxcut is.

Tuxcut is an alternative application for netcut and anti-netcut. I will make it simple, this application can be use to cut your friends internet connection as long as you under same subnet OR you can use this to protect your connection from your friend that use netcut.
Under same subnet in this article is a condition when you share 1 public ip with your friends (This is my computer condition for now, i share 1 public ip with 8 computer).
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